So – what’s hot in the gluten free world?

50 Best Gluten Free …50 Best is a feature run weekly by the Independent, a quality daily newspaper which sadly let itself down last week by referring to spelt as ideal for the gluten free diet. I offered to come up with a 50 Best Gluten Free, but – not surprisingly! – no response from them. So I thought I’d do it myself.

I’ve tried to avoid just putting down ‘fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish …’ because these things are naturally gluten free. I’ve gone for specialist gluten free foodstuffs in preference. I’ve also only listed each thing once. Many, even most, of these will be UK biased, since that is where we live and what we know – but please add your own ideas in the comments …

In fact, if you’d like to come up with your 50 Best Gluten Free, link to this post and let me know in a comment where you’ve posted your list, and I’ll link to your post. That way, people can compare and contrast.

In no particular order, my selection for 50 Best Gluten Free is …

Best blogs (not counting this one!). Too many to cut down to 5, so this is a fairly random selection

Best books (these are mostly affiliate links)

Best gluten free luxuries

  • Selection tray of Kallo Free to Enjoy biscuits (OK, this one is a relatively cheap luxury!)
  • Mixing a pack of 12 bars of Green & Black’s chocolate. Choose your own favourites (don’t eat the Mint or Caramel flavours)
  • A gluten free hamper from Gifting Direct – for you or for a friend (perhaps they’ll share?)
  • Afternoon tea and champagne at the Ritz, the Savoy or the Sheraton (tell them in advance that you’re gluten free)
  • A weekend away somewhere you know will cater to your every gluten free need – such as the Halfway Inn, Sidmouth

Best gluten free staples – on prescription

Best gluten free staples – off prescription

  • Moilas pizza (now sadly only available in Finland)
  • Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta (not available here in the UK)

Best for children

Best for breakfast

Best for quick and easy lunches

  • A decent gluten free soup, with gluten free french bread from Proceli (with your choice of cheese, meats etc)
  • Tuna light lunches from John West
  • Gluten free soft wraps from the Cool Chile company (with your choice of filling)

Best kitchen products

  • Breadmaker
  • Toastabags or a dedicated toaster or lots of kitchen foil

Best mail order companies

Best restaurants

  • Smollensky’s on the Strand (great for adults and children)
  • TGI Friday (understanding, flexible, family friendly)
  • La Tasca (wide-spread chain of Spanish-style restaurants that label things as GF)
  • Da Mario’s (we’ve not been here, but recommended by others).
  • PJ’s Grill (again, as recommended by others).

Well, that’s my list of 50 Best today. Might be different tomorrow. What would be on your list?