christmas pudding

Now, you just KNOW you should have done this on stir-up Sunday, don’t you?

Of course, many people buy a ready-made Christmas pudding these days, and you can get these from supermarkets here. These puddings are usually little ones, probably because they assume that there’ll be only one coeliac in a family – for example, the Marks and Spencer one is only 100g.

Other options for online shopping include:

  • A Lewis and Cooper pudding from Lakeland (220g)
  • A Village Bakery pudding (200g), from various suppliers, but you could try Goodness Direct and Abel and Cole.
  • Johnson’s Provisions stock the Village Bakery pudding, but they also have a G-Free pudding (200g).
  • Dietary Needs Direct have one from Pudding Lane. This is a new brand (to me, anyway) from Australia, and it is expensive, but I’m assuming it is larger than the others. It looks fab and very traditional, and would probably be my choice, if I were buying one. Apparently it was the UK Great Taste Gold Award winner 2008.
  • Dietary Needs also stock two sizes of the Village Bakery pudding and a 1lb (454g) pudding from Barkat. The Barkat one also available from Gluten Free Foods Direct
  • Greenlife have an Infinity Foods traditional organic and gluten free pudding
  • All Things Delicious have an organic homemade pudding (450g) that looks gorgeous. Buy online or at certain outlets and farmer’s markets in north-east England (time to go home, I think!) Now I’m torn between this one and the Pudding Lane one.
  • Real Food Direct has a pudding from Jenkins and Hustwit.
  • And Burtree Puddings have a modern Christmas pudding made with whole oranges, butter and brandy.

The choice available seems to get greater every year.

Still think you want to make your own?

Here are a few links to possible recipes for gluten free Christmas pudding:

  • BBC Food – gluten free, dairy free, soya free and could be egg and nut free if you wanted.
  • Jamie Oliver – note his warning about chopped peels.
  • Delia – she offers conversion instructions for her traditional Christmas pudding, to make it gluten free
  • Delicious magazine – gluten free and dairy free.

And don’t forget the brandy butter!

The picture is from All Things Delicious – doesn’t that look wonderful?