We went down to town for fish and chips again this weekend, and they told us an amazing success story …

They’ve had a couple of newspapers run a story about their gluten free fish and chips, and got quite a lot of coverage. This week they had the local television channel down to see them, and the evening news broadcast a piece about the gluten free fish and chips – and their sales have doubled since the broadcast on Monday.

The people in front of us in the queue had gluten free fish and chips – so did we – and so did the people behind us in the queue. How often does that happen?

If you work in the food service industry, think how much your sales could increase by including gluten free items on your menus. After all, the gluten free sales don’t just bring in the people who need to eat gluten free, but their families and friends as well. Green Island Chippy in Congleton has discovered just how big this market is – and what a fantastic achievement for them.