Oh dear, another one …

The Health Store has withdrawn its Japanese Rice Crackers, due to a labelling error. One of the ingredients, soy sauce, is correctly listed, but the components of the soy sauce – including wheat – are not listed. It is therefore not gluten free, and not safe for coeliacs to eat.

Problem items

The Health Store Japanese Rice Crackers 125g

* Batch codes: 7101 – best before date: 11/11/07
* Batch codes: 7142 – best before date: 22/11/07
* Batch codes: 7190 – best before date: 09/01/08
* Batch codes: 7218 – best before date: 06/02/08
* Batch codes: 7257 – best before date: 14/03/08

The Health Store has undertaken a recall of the affected batches. They are sold in health food stores.

If you have some of these rice crackers, don’t eat them. For more information, see the Food Standards Agency site.

You probably already know that most soy sauce is wheat-based, and therefore not acceptable on a gluten free diet. I know that if I’d spotted soy sauce on a label I wouldn’t have bought it, though it is possible to buy gluten free soy sauce, usually a Japanese tamari sauce such as Sanchi Tamari or Meridian Tamari. I think I’ve even seen Meridian in some supermarkets …