I’m just back from a trip to Sainsbury’s, where I was unable to find a gluten free chocolate sponge pudding. I wanted it for my daughter’s residential trip next week – I’m trying to match the ‘normal’ menu with things she can eat.

None to be had, though there were plenty of gluten free syrup sponge puddings, and this might be why: they’ve been withdrawn due to the presence of milk protein. Nothing on the shelves to tell us that, though. I think that would be useful.

This is the affected product:

Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding, 110g

Best before: 13/04/11

And the problem is a low level of undeclared milk proteins – a potential risk for people allergic to, or intolerant of, milk.

Disappointing for us (for whom it would have been fine) but I can see why it’s been withdrawn. It’s a problem if you’re trying to target multiple allergens with one product!

Anyway, if you bought this product with this date code, do return it: don’t eat it.

More information available here.