That gluten gets everywhere, doesn’t it? (Lentils?)

I received an alert late last night that visible wheat grains have been detected in Sainsbury’s Lentilles Vertes (500g) which have – not surprisingly – not been declared on the label. I have to say, it probably wouldn’t even occur to me to check the label on lentils!

Best before dates: All date codes between October 2012 to February 2013

As always, if you’ve bought green lentils with these dates from Sainsbury’s and are living gluten free, don’t eat them, but take them back to the shop.

I know Sainsbury’s did a great job of alerting me to the recent problem with oats, having identified me as a purchaser – I wonder how easy it would be for them to create a message function on their website so that if I logged in to do some online shopping, I’d get a pop-up alert? I know it wouldn’t catch all purchasers, but it might catch some…