Finally, someone has produced gluten free biscuits that are indistinguishable from the ordinary type – and are good enough to be handed round at a formal do.

All too often, gluten free biscuits are dull, crumbly and gritty, in bad packaging. It is almost as if the manufacturers are assuming that people who eat gluten free are also likely to enjoy wholewheat pasta, lentils with stones in and dry nut roasts – i.e. ‘wholesome, healthy food’ from the 1970s, when ‘healthy’ foods were seen as a penance. (As an almost vegetarian for over 25 years, I like wholewheat pasta, lentils and nut roast, but you know what I mean).

Kallo have produced a box of biscuits that are both beautiful and good to eat. They are a range of chocolate and wafer type biscuits – sadly, they are small (though perfectly formed) and expensive (as gluten free food is) – but anyone would be delighted to receive them as a gift.

We found them in Sainsbury’s, but no doubt they are available elsewhere. Well worth the hunt, I’d say …