There are reports of a completely gluten-free bread developed that has a similar taste and texture to bread made with wheat flour – as we all know, gluten free bread tends to have a texture that takes some getting used to, and sometimes an unexpected taste. This is not surprising, given that it is made with different ingredients. Rice flour, for instance, often seems to impart a ‘grittiness’ to food.

This development has been made by researchers at the Food Technology Plant Special Research Centre (CeRPTA) in Barcelona.

It will be very interesting to try this new bread. The reports I’ve seen have given no indication of when this might be available to the general public, or if any manufacturer has expressed interest in developing it for the market. And of course it may still be horribly expensive.

But having a bread that your coeliac child can offer to a friend without that friend saying ‘urrgh’ and spitting it out would be great, don’t you think?