Allergy Alert: Natco Foods Gram Flour

Ordinarily, of course, gram flour is gluten free. However, occasionally testing reveals that it has become contaminated with gluten in some way.

This seems to have happened in the case of Natco Gluten Free Gram Flour, in which in one batch, levels of gluten have been found that are above the limits for foods labelled gluten-free.

This is the 2kg pack, best before October 2012 (batch code: 110420 BN0509). No other Natco products are known to be affected.

If you’ve bought this product, don’t use it, and contact the company to find out how to return it.

More information on the Food Standards Agency site – and you can visit the Natco site. The 2kg pack is not available via that site today, but you should be able to find some contact details.

Don’t let this put you off gram flour, which is naturally gluten free, being made from ground chana dal (a kind of yellow split pea).

Allergy Alert: Doves Farm Buckwheat Flour

As a rule, buckwheat is gluten free: despite the name, it isn’t wheat – it’s actually a seed.

However, in this case, there is an issue with Dove’s Farm Buckwheat Flour – the 1kg bags with a batch code of 2011 and best before date of 12/10/12.

Low levels of gluten have been found in the buckwheat flour, which is just above the limits for foods labelled gluten-free. The tests found more than 20ppm but less than 50ppm – you may remember that the new rules say that the levels must be less than 20ppm to qualify.

The company has withdrawn all affected stock. Customers with an intolerance to gluten have been advised not to eat this product and have been asked to contact the company for further advice on how to return this product.

I can’t see a reference to this product on the company site, so I expect they’ve removed it while they deal with the problem.

No other Doves Farm Foods Limited products are known to be affected.

Allergy Alert: Lentilles Vertes (Green Lentils)

Another one! Are we going to get a spate of alerts from companies about green lentils now?

The Co-operative have recalled all date codes of Wholefoods Dried Lentilles Vertes due to undeclared wheat. You know what to do: don’t eat them, but take them back…

It is interesting, isn’t it, to find out how the same supplier supplies so many different supermarkets? That is, I’m assuming that this is a related problem to the Sainsbury’s one from a couple of days ago…

I’ll add any more that come in to this post.

Allergy Alert: Sainsbury’s lentilles vertes (Green Lentils)

That gluten gets everywhere, doesn’t it? (Lentils?)

I received an alert late last night that visible wheat grains have been detected in Sainsbury’s Lentilles Vertes (500g) which have – not surprisingly – not been declared on the label. I have to say, it probably wouldn’t even occur to me to check the label on lentils!

Best before dates: All date codes between October 2012 to February 2013

As always, if you’ve bought green lentils with these dates from Sainsbury’s and are living gluten free, don’t eat them, but take them back to the shop.

I know Sainsbury’s did a great job of alerting me to the recent problem with oats, having identified me as a purchaser – I wonder how easy it would be for them to create a message function on their website so that if I logged in to do some online shopping, I’d get a pop-up alert? I know it wouldn’t catch all purchasers, but it might catch some…

Colour me Amazed

I seem to have posted a lot of allergy alerts about gluten free oats recently, covering all the major supermarkets here in the UK. I suspect that the number of recent alerts is because they all source their free from oats from the same supplier.

And I’ve posted a fair few alerts over time…

But this is the first time I’ve ever received a personal recall letter.

Sainsbury’s wrote to me – as a free from customer, not as an allergy blogger – to let me know that there was a problem with the oats, and to tell me to take any of the affected products back to the supermarket.

Presumably, they’ve taken the trouble to search their Nectar database (yes, I have a card) to find purchasers of these products, and then sent out a letter (incurring further cost).

Yes, I’m impressed.

Good customer service, going the extra mile; and a really good use of the Nectar database. I knew there was a reason I was sharing all that information with big business!

Did you get a letter?