Allergy Alert: More Oats – Asda and Delicious Alchemy

You’ll have seen that Sainsbury’s and then Tesco alerted us all to a potential problem with various free from oat products a couple of days ago…

Asda sent out an alert last night; and I’ve just received one about Delicious Alchemy oats this morning.

Asda Chosen by You Pure Oat Muesli (Free From), 450g
Best before dates: 03/08/12

Asda Chosen by You Pure Porridge Oats (Free From), 450g
Best before dates: 02/08/12, 07/09/12

Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Rolled Oats, 450g
Best before dates: 04/08/12, 05/09/12, 06/09/12

Delicious Alchemy Original Gluten Free Purely Oaty Fruity Nut Muesli, 450g
Best before dates: 04/08/12, 05/09/12, 06/09/12

All these product recalls are due to the same cause; intermittent contamination with gluten at source, revealed by internal quality control testing. I’m pleased that the testing is being carried out, but it is such a shame that the gluten free oat supply is going to get so low!

If you’ve bought these products with these date codes, don’t eat them but take them back to the shop.

*** Update ***

And another one: The Co-Operative

The Co-operative Free From Gluten and Dairy Free Muesli, 450g
Best before dates: 22/07/12

Allergy Alert: Tesco’s Free From Oat Fruit Muesli and Porridge Oats

Another alert… presumably Tesco and Sainsbury share a supplier of oats for their Free From products (see the alert earlier today about oats).

These alerts are due to intermittent contamination with gluten. Tesco have taken them off the shelves, and recalled them from customers.

Products affected:

Tesco Free From Pure Oat Fruit Muesli, 450g
Best before dates: 20/05/12, 22/05/12, 18/06/12, 19/06/12

Tesco Free From Pure Porridge Oats, 450g
Best before dates: 22/07/12, 25/07/12, 17/08/12, 18/08/12, 08/09/12

As always: if you’ve bought these products, don’t eat them if you have a problem with gluten, but take them back to the shop.

Allergy Alert: Sainsbury’s Free From Oats

Just received from the Food Standards Agency: notification that Sainsbury’s have recalled certain date codes of their FreeFrom Oats (450g) – those with a best before date of July, August and September 2012.

This is because gluten has been detected through internal quality control testing, apparently due to intermittent contamination at source.

You’ll know that not all oats can be classified as gluten free; you shouldn’t eat just any oats if you need to be gluten free – just those clearly identified as gluten free. This is because there is a risk that they’ll be mixed up with wheat, barley or rye as part of the production process. To be classified as gluten free, this risk has to be managed carefully, and there must have been a problem in the process here.

Sainsbury’s have withdrawn all the affected stock. If you have a packet at home with best before dates in summer next year, don’t eat it, but take it back to the store.

Such a shame: we like the Free From oats. I hope this isn’t going to mean they go off-shelf permanently

Allergy Alert: Morrison’s Omega Mix

I’ve just received an allergy alert from the Food Standards Agency.

Morrisons Omega Mix (100g) contains gluten (barley) which has been omitted from the allergy advice box on the label.

Morrisons has withdrawn all affected stock – all date codes are affected.

If you’ve bought this product, don’t eat it, but take it back to the store.

I’m not even sure what an Omega Mix is; perhaps it is something you sprinkle on cereal or into yoghurt? But if it is a product you use, you’ll know what it is.

Stay healthy!

Allergy Alert: Morrisons The Best Prawn and Smoked Salmon Cocktail

The Food Standards Agency have announced another allergy alert, this time for Morrisons The Best Prawn and Smoked Salmon Cocktail.

Due to a labelling error, one date code (Use by 20 April 2011) of this product contains gluten, which is not declared on the label. This applies to the 140g size pack.

If you’ve bought this, planning to eat it today (20 April), then don’t: take it back to Morrisons for a refund.

More information available on the FSA website.