Allergy Alert: Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding

I’m just back from a trip to Sainsbury’s, where I was unable to find a gluten free chocolate sponge pudding. I wanted it for my daughter’s residential trip next week – I’m trying to match the ‘normal’ menu with things she can eat.

None to be had, though there were plenty of gluten free syrup sponge puddings, and this might be why: they’ve been withdrawn due to the presence of milk protein. Nothing on the shelves to tell us that, though. I think that would be useful.

This is the affected product:

Sainsbury’s Freefrom Chocolate Sponge Pudding, 110g

Best before: 13/04/11

And the problem is a low level of undeclared milk proteins – a potential risk for people allergic to, or intolerant of, milk.

Disappointing for us (for whom it would have been fine) but I can see why it’s been withdrawn. It’s a problem if you’re trying to target multiple allergens with one product!

Anyway, if you bought this product with this date code, do return it: don’t eat it.

More information available here.

Allergy Alert: Morrisons Cocktail Prawns

Unfortunately, due to a packaging error, Morrisons Cocktail Prawns packets with a use by date of 16 March 2011 actually contain Morrisons Seafood Cocktail.

As a result, the presence of fish, gluten, mollusc and soya are not declared on the ingredients list, but are declared in the ‘may contain’ statement on the product packaging. Therefore, this is a potential health risk for individuals who are allergic or sensitive to fish, gluten (wheat), mollusc and soya.

Morrison’s has recalled all affected stock. If you’ve bought the 95g packet of Morrisons Cocktail Prawns, then don’t eat them, but take them back to the shop.

More information available on the food.gov website.

Allergy Alert: Morrison Free From Jaffa Cakes

Morrison have issued an allergy alert for their Free From Jaffa Cake Slices.

All date codes of the Jaffa Cake Slices have been removed from sale as testing has found the product containing milk protein (casein), which is not an intended ingredient. This makes the products a potential health risk for people who are allergic to or intolerant of milk or milk constituents.

Note that this is not because they contain gluten, but because of possible cross-contamination with milk. If you can tolerate milk, then these would still be gluten free. Sadly, if this is your situation and these are one of your favourites, then you won’t be able to find them until the problem has been resolved.

Of course, if you can’t tolerate milk, then you should not eat these products, and should return them to Morrison’s for a refund.

More details here.

Allergy Alert: The Soupery Minestrone

The Soupery has had to withdraw a batch of its own-brand minestrone soup due to a labelling error: a wheat ingredient has not been declared in the ingredients list.

Product: The Soupery Minestrone Soup
Use by date: 19/11/10
Pack size: 600g

I’m not familiar with The Soupery products, but I gather that this product has only been sold in some Tesco stores in the East and West Midlands, so perhaps that’s why. No other The Soupery products are known to be affected by this labelling problem, and the products have been recalled. The chances are, of course, that you wouldn’t even have picked up the pot in the shop, since minestrone contains pasta, and so wouldn’t be likely to be gluten free. If you did, though: don’t eat it, and take it back to Tesco.

The soups look delicious (have a look at the soups yourself) and, commendably, the descriptions on the website say whether they are wheat / gluten free. I do love it when manufacturers make this clear!

Allergy Alert: Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Rich Fruit Cake

Sadly, I have to report an alert from Sainsbury’s about their rich fruit cake slices, which have accidentally been contaminated with wheat gluten.

Here’s the information:

Product: Rich fruit cake slices
Brand: Sainsbury’s Freefrom
Best before date: 04/11/10
Pack size: 160g

Sainsbury’s have recalled the product and are displaying notices in all stores to alert customers. If you’ve bought this product, check the date – and if you’ve bought from this batch, don’t eat it, but take it back for a refund.