Allergy Alert: Morrisons Chunky Vegetable Curry

Another one …

Morrisons have had to recall their Chunky Vegetable Curry (canned – 410g – all dates) because wheat gluten, celery and mustard have not been declared on the label.

If you bought this product, don’t eat it; take it back, and Morrisons will replace it for you.

Allergy Alert: Morrisons own brand Chunky Vegetable Soup

Unfortunately, Morrisons supermarkets have had to recall their own brand Chunky Vegetable Soup, because of a packaging error: Chicken and Vegetable Soup has been packed into Chunky Vegetable Soup packs. As a result, the soup contains gluten, but the packaging doesn’t declare it.

The product being recalled is:

  • Morrisons Chunky Vegetable Soup, 330g
  • Best before: December 2009

For more information, see the Food Standards Agency.

If you’ve bought this soup, don’t eat it, but take it back for a refund …

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Gluten Alert: Sainsbury’s Italian Mushroom Risotto

The Food Standards Agency have published an alert:

Sainsbury’s Italian Mushroom Risotto contains wheat gluten – but it doesn’t say so on the label. Don’t eat it!

From the FSA site:

Due to an error, Sainsbury’s Italian Mushroom Risotto has been manufactured with a sauce containing wheat gluten and chicken which are not declared on the ingredients list. This makes the product a potential health risk for people with an allergy to wheat or who are gluten intolerant.

I notice that this also means it isn’t suitable for vegetarians …

The affected product is Sainsbury’s Italian Mushroom Risotto 400g, all codes up to and including 14 SEP 2008

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd has recalled the product and are displaying notices in all stores.

If you bought it – don’t eat it. Take it back and ask for a refund.

Allergy Alert: Morrison’s chicken fillets with bacon and mushroom

I’ve received this alert today:

Morrison’s is recalling its own brand chicken fillets with creamy bacon and mushroom sauce due to undeclared gluten in the allergen advisory box. Due to a labelling error, wheat flour is listed as an ingredient, but not declared in the allergen advisory box.

This alert applies to:

Product name: Morrisons Chicken Fillets with Creamy Bacon & Mushroom Sauce, 380g
Date code: all date codes

Advice: if you’ve bought this in error, don’t eat it, and take it back to the shop. For more information, you can visit the Food Standards Agency.

Allergy Alert: Morrison’s ham

This is another slightly unlikely risk …

Morrison’s own brand breaded ham doesn’t say on the label on the back that it contains wheat flour (though the front of pack label is correct).

Of course, if you are a coeliac, you won’t have bought the breaded ham anyway. But if someone else bought it for you in the belief that because it didn’t say ‘wheat flour’ on the back it would be OK, or if you are at all confused by the pack labelling, don’t eat it.

This refers only to:

Morrisons Carvery Breaded Ham, (dry cured) 250g packs

Date code: Use By 2 February 2008