Asda withdraws own brand baked beans

If you’ve got any Asda own brand cans of baked beans in tomato sauce in your cupboard – don’t eat them.

They’ve been withdrawn due to the presence of undeclared wheat and gluten. If you have any tins of baked beans with the following codes on, return them to Asda for a refund:

Asda Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, 215g
Best before date: end of October 2009
Production code: 7276

For more information, see the Food Standards Agency.

Allergy Alert: gluten contamination

The Food Standards Agency last night issued a warning about Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice (it’s in the freezer).

There’s been a packaging error, and this contains egg, gluten (from wheat and from barley) and soya.

Ignore what it says on the label, and don’t eat it!

Thought you might like to know …

Cheesy Wotsits recalled: they contain wheat

Walkers is recalling a batch of wotsits labelled as Really Cheesy Wotsits because they are actually Flamin’ Hot Wotsits – which contain wheat and soya.

These are the Really Cheesy ones (BBE 23/6/7, code GBC 503 082) which are contained in the 12 pack variety multipack, (BBE 16 June 07, code GBC 9XX 082).

Don’t eat them – take them back to the retailer, or return them to

Consumer Care Team
Walkers Snack Foods Ltd
Freepost MID21030

More information from the Food Standards Agency.

Allergy Alert: gluten contamination

The Food Standards Agency issued an allergy alert this week, after being notified that some prawn cracker products contain gluten that is not listed on the label.

The products affected are:

  • Spar Prawn Crackers, 50g
  • Spar Spicy Crackers, 50g
  • Co-op Prawn Crackers, 80g
  • Asda Prawn Crackers, 25g, 45g and 70g
  • Asda Thai Crackers, 25g and 45g
  • Sainsbury’s Prawn Crackers 80g
  • Sainsbury’s Food to Go Prawn Crackers 80g
  • Tesco Prawn Crackers, 40g and 60g
  • Red Mill Prawn Crackers, 70g

The batches affected are:

  • Spar: All best before dates, all batches
  • Co-op: All best before dates, all batches
  • Asda: All best before dates
  • Sainsbury’s: All best before dates, all batches
  • Tesco: All best before dates, all batches
  • Red Mill: Best before dates 05 May 07, 12 May 07, 19 May 07, 26 May 07, 02 Jun 07 and 9 Jun 07

We don’t like prawn crackers, so aren’t affected – but if you have some of these at home, I suggest you take them back to the shop and ask for a refund. Don’t eat them!

Product Recall from Sainsbury’s

Like other coeliacs here in the UK, I’ve received this letter from Sainsbury’s today:

Our Nectar information shows you have bought some of our freefrom products recently.

During routine testing, we found that some of these products may contain traces of casein (milk protein) which means they will not be suitable if you have a milk allergy.

The products that may contain milk protein are:
* Freefrom 2 chocolate & orange cake bars 2 + 50g
* Freefrom 2 double chocolate cake bars 2+ 50g
* Freefrom 4 mixed seeded rolls
* Frreefrom mixed seeded fruit bread 225g

If you do have a milk allergy and still have some of these products, please do not eat them. Please take them back to your nearest Sainsbury’s store, where one of my colleagues will give you a refund and dispose of them.This only applies to products purchased before 31st December 2006.
No other Freefrom products are affected.

Luckily, we are free from milk allergy, so it doesn’t directly affect us. But well done to Sainsbury’s for tracking down and notifying their customers of this potential issue. It must have cost them a tidy sum, and they’ve erred on the side of caution – after all, I didn’t actually buy any of these items, only other items in the Free From range. I know some people disapprove of Nectar/Clubcard type information (customer databases), but they do have their benefits.

Now, what I need to do is to alert both Tesco and Sainsbury’s to the fact that I am about to defect from one to the other, and I should receive money-off vouchers from both …