Allergy Friendly Cooking with Sainsbury’s

SainsburysSo this is exciting!

Today I get to leave rural Cheshire and travel to London to meet a variety of other bloggers… some with food intolerances, others with a deep interest in food generally. We’ve all been invited by Sainsbury’s to their headquarters to cook an allergy friendly meal with the help of the Sainsbury’s Try Team. Some of us will be cooking sweet things; others will be cooking savoury. And then we get to eat what we’ve cooked!

How much fun is that?

I’ll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime, here are some of the other bloggers I’m looking forward to meeting tonight. Do go and explore their sites…

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Celiac Symposium – 3 days to go

No, of course I’m not going – its happening on the wrong side of the Atlantic. But it should be really interesting, and I’d love to hear from anyone who is going.

I’m especially pleased to see that they are running a series of events connecting teens with celiac – including pizza and packed lunches!

There’s a great deal of stuff happening:

The symposium is expected to attract healthcare industry leaders, clinicians, nutritionists, diagnostic and pharmaceutical executives, scientists, policy makers, patients and journalists and will touch on every aspect of adult and pediatric celiac disease – diagnosis, treatment, science and public policy. This symposium emerged as the single most important forum for bringing together the world leaders who will determine the nature of celiac disease and its impact on patients around the globe.

It isn’t too late to sign up, though it will be more expensive now.

Here’s hoping that they post transcripts of some of the speeches …

Gluten Free Food Fair

If you are anywhere near Peterborough next weekend (21 October 2006) then do go to the Coeliac Food Fair being held at the Deafblind HQ in Cygnet Road, Hampton. It is between 10:30 and 3, and entry costs £1.

These food fairs are well worth a visit. Lots of different manufacturers of gluten free foods go, and it is an opportunity to taste new products and to sample the range of gluten free bread, pizza, cakes etc. The manufacturers are all hoping that you will switch to their products, of course, so are very keen to get you to taste things … even if you’ve been diagnosed a while, and have your own favourite brands, it is worth going just to see what’s new.

Apparently, at this one, the Mazzarini Company from Italy will be ‘staging an interactive cookery workshop’ where visitors will get the chance to make their own pizza. No, I haven’t heard of them either, but Italian pizza must be worth a try, surely?

It’s too far for us, but if you go, do let us know how it went.

Edit: Note that for 2010, the date is 16 October.