We’ve been away (could you tell?) and in our absence, a new, dedicated, gluten free shop has sprung up in Congleton: called Just For You.

Everything in the shop is gluten free, but there are additional ‘free-froms’: free from lactose, free from milk, free from wheat, free from meat, free from soya … and no doubt some free froms that I have forgotten.

Just For You is run by the same people who run the Green Island Chippy in Congleton, which serves gluten free fish and chips every day, and they certainly deserve your support, so if you’re local, or passing through, do drop in and see them. At the moment Val (proprietor) is handing out forms to find out what her customers want her to stock, so go in, collect a form, and let her know what you’d like to be able to find there.

There is going to be an official opening on Saturday 6 September at 10am (the local Mayor will be doing this) followed by a food tasting session until 3pm.

Just For You is at 10 Swan Bank in Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1AH (phone number 01260 290769) and will be open Monday to Saturday, 10-4.

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