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It turns out that I am, rather surprisingly (to me at least), rather fond of cookery books. I once knew someone who had several floor-to-ceiling bookcases crammed full of cookery books, so I’ve never really seen myself as anywhere in that league.

But my stack of cookery books is now getting a little out of control, and I really ought to do some weeding. I am reluctant to let any go—even the ones that aren’t spattered and creased from frequent use. And I’m always pleased to meet a new one!

I was sent another one a few weeks ago, written by Anna Del Conte with Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. If you’ve spent any time browsing the cookery book section in a bookstore, whether online or in real life, you’ll have come across Anna Del Conte, often called the best writer on Italian food around. And Michelle, of course, organises the FreeFrom Food Awards and the Free From Eating Out Awards (and I talked about one of her own books a few months ago). So FreeFrom all’Italiana (PRIMI)* comes with a strong heritage.

Free from Italian food—what’s not to like?

It’s a small book—only 30 recipes—but they are well-selected, and it reminded me of some of the wonderful recipes I used to cook and seem to have forgotten about. Why haven’t I cooked pasta with broccoli and anchovies for…well, it must be at least twenty years? It’s delicious, and it’s disappeared completely from my standard repertoire of recipes…

And there are some that I’m looking forward to trying—chickpeas with rocket, chilli and garlic, for instance. Classic and simple: fab. I do like a meal that is easy and quick to produce..

And, talking of speed and simplicity, the recipe uses Sacla’ sauces in several of the dishes. I’m sure you’ll have seen these on the shelves in your supermarket, and I use them often to save time. And now they have the Anna Del Conte stamp of approval; I hope the supermarkets are braced for empty shelves.

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