My years of preparing gluten free foods should stand me in good stead as I try to manage a month without wheat, barley or rye – and as little dairy as I can manage. I’m going to allow myself oats, because the latest research indicates that uncontaminated oats should be acceptable for an adult coeliac to eat in moderation.

So what have I eaten so far? Breakfast is usually oats and raisins in milk, so I have used water instead – tomorrow I might try apple juice. The lunches I’ve had so far have been hummus and rice cakes, and tuna, kidney bean and onion salad. Soft fruit is in season, so I’ve had several portions of fruit. I’ve really enjoyed the chocolate half-coated rice cakes we recently discovered. Tonight I finished the tuna salad and then tried a dairy free icecream with maple syrup, which was really very nice – much better than I expected.

One problem I foresee is the perennial problem of leftovers. I heated two part-baked loaves tonight, one gluten free and one not – because it is too expensive to feed the whole family with purpose-made gluten free stuff – but my son didn’t finish the not gluten free baguette. Usually I would have ‘helped’. How long will I be able to resist the leftovers?

Still, perhaps I’ll lose some weight.