sad childIs your child’s packed lunch safe?

There was a rather scary story on the message board from a mother whose daughter is coeliac. One of the other children at school has taken to ‘accidentally’ dropping not-gluten-free food into her packed lunch, rendering it inedible.

I think this is classic bullying. Unfortunately, the teachers seem to be treating it as accidental, and don’t understand the serious effect this could have:

  • if the child throws her food away (which she is), then she’ll be hungry, and not able to concentrate
  • if the child gambles, and eats the food, she could suffer:
    • vomiting and/or diarrhoea (neither of which the teacher will enjoy having to deal with in class)
    • brain fog, making her unable to concentrate
    • and possibly a host of other symptoms, as well as long-term damage.

This is obviously bad for the child, but also difficult for the teachers and other staff …

Luckily we’ve never had to handle this kind of bullying. We’ve had to deal with other bullying (both physical and psychological), but never anything to do with being gluten free.

How would you handle this?