If you’re lucky enough to live in the States, you might be interested in these… Ticings.

Gluten free cake decorations, ideal for those of us who aren’t expert cake decorators. They’re offering a range of different decorations, such as sprinkle mixes and circus party images for children, Twilight decorations for teenage girls (both Team Jacob and Team Edward), and for celebrations such as Valentine’s Day or baby showers – even some gorgeous and very modern abstracts and flowers.

It looks as though they’re available in three different sizes: two cup cake sizes and a full-size cake. They’re made from corn starch and food colouring, so are both gluten free and kosher. All you need to do is to bake the cake, ice it with butter cream, cream cheese or royal icing (though it is also possible to stick them to ready-made iced cakes) – and then peel and stick.

You can even have your company logo printed onto the Ticings, though it isn’t cheap. How fab is that?

What a brilliant idea. If only they shipped to the UK!