I called in this morning at the Starbucks in the Sainsbury’s near us – daughter 2 had been to the orthodontist, and needed something sweet and sticky (yes, I know, not exactly ideal), and whenever we go there we try and pick up a piece of their gluten free fruit cake for daughter 1 (the coeliac).

They no longer stock the gluten free fruit cake!

Anywhere – unilateral Starbucks decision.

I suppose that they thought sales were falling, but if they’d kept the stock levels up, they’d have sold more, as often we would find that they’d sold out before we got there. And obviously, because our options are limited we can’t choose something else instead. Lost sales opportunity, Starbucks.

Daughter 1 is going to be so disappointed. This was the best gluten free fruit cake we’d found (apart from my own homemade fruit cake made using vodka and cranberries, obviously) – and we’ve tried a lot – certainly the best cake available commercially, and was the only reason that we would visit Starbucks in preference to any other coffee house.

They’ve replaced it with something called ‘Summer Orange Cake’, and I was so disappointed for my daughter that I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

I’m really hoping that this is just a summer aberration, and that normal service will be resumed shortly. They’re still listing the GF fruit cake on their website …