Here’s interesting: Heinz have a link to information about their gluten free foods from the home page of their corporate site. Look, right in there among the Annual Report, Investor Relations and Careers material…

I’ve always loved Heinz for their labelling, and often recommend to worried parents of small children recently diagnosed that jacket potatoes with cheese and Heinz baked beans – or Heinz baked beans and sausages – is a nice, easy, gluten free meal to start with. (Only if you’re in the UK, though – recipes vary!).

Heinz are providing details of their gluten free products and questions about the gluten free diet answered by their Director of Global Nutrition, (both on their corporate site) so they are definitely taking it seriously. Helpfully, their list of gluten free products indicates in which countries these are gluten free.

And I didn’t know that Bi-Aglut was now part of the Heinz family – always something new to learn!