A side trip to Kings Lynn (part of our recent road trip) revealed a new product available at Tesco – tubs of crispy cakes from Kallo. Two flavours available, milk chocolate and hazelnut, and white chocolate and cranberry. The tubs are small, smaller than the similar tubs available from Marks and Spencer, but nevertheless, we snapped a couple up.

Browsing the Kallo site reveals that there are two further flavours – milk chocolate and almond wafers, and white chocolate and strawberry wafers. Bring them on!

Impressively, Kallo also have a page with distribution, so you can see which shops stock which of their products. This is a great idea, though obviously massive chains like Tesco vary their stock by store. I haven’t seen these Kallo products in our local stores. Clearly I need to shop more at Asda (shame its 45 mins drive away).

Does anyone else feel the need to buy whatever they see that is gluten free, to encourage the shop to stock more?