Gluten Free Breakfast Time Again

Breakfast has become one of the meals we struggle with, despite having tried many breakfast ideas

But there are new options available: new syrup pancakes from Sainsbury’s for example; or teacakes from Warburton’s and Genius (why only eat them at tea?).

And Nature’s Path kindly sent us two packs of cereal to try. I wasn’t optimistic, as we’ve tried many cereals over the last decade and a half, and most end up as ingredients for crispie cakes.

Cereals are quite an individual taste. There are 5 of us in this house (only 1 coeliac) and we always have well over 5 packets of different cereals on the go, to please all palates. But rarely have we finished a pack of gluten free cereal (apart from Bakery on Main’s versions, which I really like, though my coeliac daughter does not).

So I was very pleased to find that not only did coeliac daughter actually enjoy the Nature’s Path Maple Sunrise, we’ve bought a second pack (from Sainsbury’s). Now that is unusual! Thank you Nature’s Path!

The O’s we were less impressed by, but then nobody here eats O’s, whether gluten free or not, so we have nothing to compare them with. I expect that if you’re an O’s fan, you’d like these.

But the Maple Sunrise offers not only the taste of maple syrup, but also an interesting texture, consisting of flakes and puffs.

Far too nice for a crispie cake. However, Nature’s Path do have a recipe for Maple Sunrise Florentines which looks rather delicious…

Warburton’s Host a Gluten Free Gathering

What do you call a group of gluten free bloggers?

Judging by the volume of conversation over the last couple of days, the answer is probably a ‘chattering’.

We—4 bloggers plus 2 coeliac advocates from Coeliac UK—had been invited to Newcastle by Warburton’s for a tour of their gluten free bakery and a discussion of their products.

It’s always instructive to get together with other gluten free communicators, and this was no exception. The other bloggers were:

  • Annie, who runs Annie’s Supperclub – a secret supperclub which is part of the growing underground restaurant scene here in the UK, and which is entirely gluten free
  • Fiona, a gluten free campaigner, from Gluten Free Guerrillas, who runs a Facebook community for coeliacs, their families and friends
  • Katie, a foodie blogger, baker and nutritionist, who runs Apple and Spice, a blog about all the good things in life that are gluten free and vegetarian.

We weren’t there to meet each other, though, or the Coeliac UK team, but to meet Warburton’s, who were very welcoming, friendly and generous hosts: Hannah Flannery, the Product Manager, Graeme Tough, the Manufacturing Manager and Leighton Byrom, Development Technologist, all responsible for the development, production and sales of the Warburton’s gluten free products. And we were there to offer our perspectives on their products (quality, distribution and availability), and on supermarkets provision of gluten free products, as well as discussing ingredients, health matters and more.

We were also offered the chance to taste products due to be launched in the future. I can’t tell you what they are, but I can tell you that we—all of us—loved them. Warburton’s also shared some of their plans […]

IBS and Living Gluten Free: Sophie’s Story

Are you an IBS suffererer? Do you think you might be?

Sophie Lee is—has been for 20 years—and she sent her new book to me to review for you. It’s called, appropriately enough, ‘Sophie’s Story’.

It might seem an odd statement, given that her book details her pain and embarrassment over the years, but I loved it.

The book is full of personality and humour, as well as conveying some very important messages about the importance of communication.

Tell others you have a problem

Sophie spent years not telling: not telling her parents, her friends or her employer. So—like many other IBS sufferers, I’m sure—she spent a long time feeling alone.

You can’t expect people to understand unless you tell them.

Find others to talk to

Communicating your difficulties to non-IBS sufferers is one thing—and perpetually educating others can get wearying—but communicating with others with IBS, even if their symptoms are different, can be very helpful.

Go to Sophie’s site, IBS Tales, to start with, and join the conversation. Maybe you can find others in the future, and help them get over their embarrassment and talk.

Tell the world

I don’t mean that everyone should talk about their bowels all the time! But by bringing these problems out into the open, and talking frankly about the day-to-day difficulties they cause, will help all IBS sufferers. Sophie does this via her website, but has also done interviews with print and broadcast journalists.

Another example of speaking despite embarrassment: Ally (who has Crohn’s), on the UCB corporate website. If you haven’t read her story yet, do.

Get the message out: it helps everyone.

IBS, CD and the gluten free diet

We don’t do IBS in this house (thank goodness!) […]

Gluten Free, Persnickety and Proud

Do you get cross if people assume you’re being picky about your food? It’s not as though diagnosed coeliacs have a real choice, after all; I confess to being very picky indeed about what my coeliac daughter eats….

Today I have a guest post for you from Michael Shaw, discussing just this topic, and arguing that you should be picky and proud of it!

Why Gluten-Free people are more Persnickety

Are you a persnickety eater? If you have a gluten-free diet, or something similarly high-maintenance, chances are you may very well be. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, of course, it’s more a case of reflecting the reality that, at some point, you may become the object of some very mild ridicule: “Oh, you and your fancy, organic-fair trade-locavore-kosher-gluten-free diet.” But I have a theory: secretly, people will be envying your discipline and will.

At what point does the gluten-free movement reach critical mass? It seems like we’re still on our way there, but I’ve been hearing a number of conversations about it on National Public Radio (NPR)-affiliated shows over the last couple months, which perhaps signals something. As long as the public’s knowledge continues to evolve—from getting people to know what gluten is, all the way to getting people to actually start consciously eating less of it in their diet, which is something I strive to enlighten people about at No Flour, No Sugar Diet–we will, collectively, not only lower health care costs, we’ll also lead more satisfying lives.

The latest conversation I caught about gluten came on the killer podcast The Dinner Party Download, during which co-host Brendan spoke with gluten-free baker Erin McKenna of Babycakes NYC, […]

  • young baker
    Baking More than Meringue Baking More than Meringue

    Baking More than Meringue

Baking More than Meringue

Baking is getting a lot of media coverage here in the UK at the moment. Not that it ever went away, for many of us!

There’s been a lot of coverage of the television series The Great British Bake Off, in which amateur bakers were tested on their baking skills.

You can find recipes from the television series on the BBC site – the link I’ve given you uses the BBC Special Diets filter to find only recipes suitable for gluten free diets, so if you want to see more, use the options on the right hand side to pick and choose what you want to see. Not surprisingly, the recipes tend to be ‘normal’, with the gluten free recipes being meringue based, including macaroons.

If you are feeling brave, and love to bake, put yourself forward as a gluten free baker for next season! Now that really would be a challenge, but it would be great to see gluten free cooking on mainstream television.

And this week (Oct 17-23 2011) is National Baking Week, sponsored by a number of big companies. It’s good to see that their focus this year has been on encouraging baking in schools.

Sadly, no special diets filter or search on this site, so we can’t easily find suitable recipes, and some of them don’t look like baking recipes at all (salsa?). However, there is a recipe for macaroons.

I do like a macaroon, but still…

Looking for more than meringue? Of course you are!

Apart from our own best-favorite chocolate brownie recipe, have a look at these blogs and websites for more information on gluten free baking: