A quick update – the rosacea is looking a lot better – my skin is looking significantly less red, and the spots are virtually all cleared up.

My psoriasis is improving, though not yet gone. I haven’t used any lotions or potions on it while trying the experiment of being gluten free, and the lesions are still there, though softening and shrinking. No doubt, since I’ve been living with psoriasis for decades, it will take longer to clear anyway.

Now, this makes the genetic question about the coeliac disease that my daughter has rather interesting. We’ve always assumed that my husband was the ‘carrier’ since he has a relation who has coeliac – but if I am also sensitive to gluten, then perhaps it was a combination of both of us.

Of course, the other thing we don’t know is whether it is giving up gluten or lactose that is doing the trick. I’ll give this a little longer, and then perhaps try reintroducing one or the other, to see what happens.

If you’re considering going gluten free / dairy free for psoriasis or rosacea, I can recommend it … it’s not that difficult (though it would be nice to share a pizza with my husband) and seems to have an effect – for me, anyway. Worth a try, I’d have thought.