Not specifically a gluten free recipe, but one that is naturally gluten free, and very seasonal. The first raspberries are over here (helped on their way by the heatwave) but there should be late raspberries coming soon – I certainly hope so.

Some people think jam is difficult to make, but all you need is a big pot, fruit and sugar – and jam jars/lids. You will need a big pan – it is astonishing how much liquid this generates. Sometimes it helps to use a little pectin, which you can get from a supermarket in liquid form – or you could buy preserving sugar with pectin already added. But I usually just use the fruit and sugar.

Do make sure that the jars and lids are really clean. I wash them, then warm them in the oven, but beware of putting the lids in with the jars, as they can melt! Putting the jars and lids through the dishwasher works well too.

Use 3.25lbs or 1.5kg of fruit to 3lbs or 1.4kg of sugar to make 5-6lbs (or 2.3-2.5kg) of jam. Crush the fruit gently, and put them in a big pan with the sugar. Warm them, and stir continuously until all the sugar has dissolved. Then boil rapidly until the setting point is reached – this will probably take some time. Test frequently by scooping out a teaspoon of the mixture and tipping it onto a plate. When its cooled slightly, push it with your finger or the end of a spoon – if it wrinkles, it is ready. If it runs away from the spoon, it is not ready.

I don’t usually find that I need to remove scum, but if some has formed, remove it from the top. Let the jam cool for about 10 minutes, then stir it again, and pour it into jam jars and cover.

If, when you come back to the cooled jam, it is still runny (because it hadn’t reached the setting point), then you can pour it back into the (clean) pan and bring back to the boil until setting point. Clean out the jars before refilling them.