Be very wary of self-diagnosis – a medical opinion is vital to be sure that you’re not missing something – but the quiz at to see whether you are possibly one of the many undiagnosed coeliacs should be a great tool. It indicates areas of high risk, and asks key questions to establish your personal risk of developing coeliac disease.

Interestingly, one of the facts that Dr John La Puma quotes is that people with lung or breast cancer have less risk than others for CD – one-third the normal risk. I wonder why this is, and if this indicates that people already diagnosed with CD have less risk of lung or breast cancer?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the quiz is quite working yet. I stepped through the quiz twice this morning, and both times it took my email address, but didn’t record the name/address details I had entered, told me my score, but not what the score meant, and then sent me three copies of the same email (which still didn’t tell me the results, but included the error message ‘SurveyAnswerTextNull’, which perhaps means that it didn’t record my answers to the questions either).

This is a shame, as I think this could be a useful tool to help people decide whether they were at risk of CD or not – or, perhaps more importantly, whether their symptoms indicate coeliac disease, and therefore whether to report their symptoms to their doctor, or not. I do hope that Dr La Puma can get the problems with the quiz resolved.

Has anybody else tried it yet?