Just a note to remind you to enter your gluten free flour mix recipe at Gluten Free Cooking School‘s blog event …

Regular readers will know that I’m from the UK, and so I usually use one of the ready-made mixes for my daughter which are available on prescription. Because she’s under 19, this is free (or rather, paid for my our taxes) … I like the Wellfoods one, but the full list is available on my UK prescription page.

I’m therefore not really qualified to enter a mix of my own. I’ve tried the Carol Fenster mixes, with some success, and also some of the mixes used by other bloggers – most recently the gingerbread mix from Only Sometimes Clever. I’d definitely like to extend my range.

What I’d really like to find is a good mix for gluten free croissants.

So I’m going to be very interested in the results of Mary’s event – if you’ve got your own mix, do enter it before 23 January. (Especially if it works for croissants!) You might win a Bette Hagman book.