Anne, the Creativity Alchemist at Smart Foods Healthy Kids emailed me this week, to explain about their ambition to help families wanting to be healthier, and dealing with food allergies.

Smart Foods Healthy KidsCreativity Alchemist – isn’t that a fabulous job title? I so want to be an alchemist when I grow up. Their CEO’s title is Chief of Belief, and that’s pretty wonderful too.

Do go and look – this does look like it is a great resource, and the fairly new blog is entertaining – pooping on Batman, anyone?

They argue that fruit and vegetables shouldn’t be hidden in foods, and I agree absolutely. It’s never worked for me anyway (just makes my children look really closely at all homemade cakes to check for things that shouldn’t be there – and refuse anything they have doubts about), and I would like my children to be able to identify fruit and vegetables, to know what they taste like, and to actively enjoy them.

I’d like that to happen … not saying it is. Did you see the group of schoolchildren on the Jamie Oliver programme about school meals who couldn’t identify any of the fairly ordinary vegetables he showed them? Shocking.

Another shocking fact is one commented on by Smart Foods Healthy Kids, which I wasn’t aware of: that in the US, 1,358 pesticides and herbicides can legally remain as food residue. To see the Maximum Residue Levels for pesticides in the UK, see the Pesticides Safety Directorate documents, which provides maximum levels for 295 pesticides. To think I didn’t even know there was a Pesticides Safety Directorate … Note, though, that this UK list is for pesticides only, and doesn’t include any residues left from herbicides, fertilisers or any other additions, so the UK number will almost certainly be a lot closer to the 1,358 quoted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US.


Smart Foods, Healthy Kids offers an monthly newsletter, so if you’re interested, this might be a good way of staying up to date.


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