We’re back from our holiday in Spain (yes, very restful, thank you) and can tell you that we did manage to be gluten free very successfully.

The small town we were staying in (Nerja) has several supermarkets, all of which had various gluten free items available. We found:

Chocolate chip cookies made by Gullon – bought in Supercor
Baguettes made by Proceli (these are available in the UK, too) – bought in Mercadona
Chocolate chip cookies made by Hacendado – these came from Mercadona (own brand, I think)
Pasta made by MolinodiFerro – we bought these in Iranzo
Chocolate covered rice cakes made by Pagesa – we bought these in Iranzo too
Brioches made by Pagesa – bought in Iranzo
Baguettes made by Santiveri – bought in Iranzo.

There were others available, but this list covers the things we bought.

Several of these items, especially the baguettes, were very good indeed. We all enjoyed the chocolate covered rice cakes – in the UK, I think Kallo might do a chocolate covered rice cake, but we haven’t tried them before. We bought extra Hacendado cookies to bring home, and we would have bought more Santiveri baguettes, but they were sold out when we went back to the supermarket.

Foods were clearly marked Sin Gluten, and of course lots of food is naturally gluten free anyway.

Eating out was more of an issue, as our young coeliac doesn’t eat meat – luckily she will eat fish and eggs, as I do. But we managed, and nobody went hungry.

Small son has come home unwell, though, so we must just go to see the doctor now …