Tell Asda What You Want

asda-requestDid you know that Asda are planning to improve their Free From collection?

If you’d like to offer suggestions or other comments to help them enhance their product range, you can: they’re asking for feedback here: Asda blog

Go on – make your voice heard.

(Is that a Moilas pizza? I do hope so…)

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Lucy is the mother of a coeliac, and has been managing a gluten free diet for her daughter for 20 years - though, to be fair, she does do most of it herself now...

11 thoughts on “Tell Asda What You Want”

  1. It’s great that these big organisations are asking us for feedback, isn’t it?

    I hope we’re not going to be disappointed.

  2. I have shopped at Asda since I came to Livingston, staff are very friendly a stocks very well catered for, but I have asked, all in vain, for a few benches to be placed in the store, for the elderly,bad at walking,(my wife) % also to have a breather, as it is a very big store; I have approached managers with the request, it falls on you, they say, if it`s because of blocking aisles, a lot of pallets are also in the aisles,to stock shelves, so surely a few benches at end of the shelves could be put up. There is a wide space between the Deli counter and the shelves, I would be prepared to discuss this with anyone,if it came to it.I hope you will respond and at least give it a go. Keep up the good work with the store in general.

  3. why is it that items shown on promotions are not kept in stock at all times but once the promotion is over there is always plenty in stock.

  4. Because i am disabled i find it easer for me to do my shopping early in the morning when the store is quiet and buy ready cooked Chickens for the weekend but find now they are not one sale untill half past nine when the store is very busy
    Regard Mr J Blood Stoke on Trent

  5. You used to stock an Asda own make frozen vegetable pizza. It was good because there were plenty of vegetables and very little cheese. Not all vegetarians love everything doused in melted cheese.

  6. still no basket check out open at castlepoint bournemouth when you only want a few items heres hoping

  7. Store 4605,
    Over the last few weeks I,ve had problems with Clavendale milk leaking,Three, 2ltr bottle.
    I have Seen in the store milk under the area for the milk.I do not want any money just fix the problem. Code L7 16:08
    No 8MO
    The manager must know, Today I,ve just bought from Sainsbury’s. No leaks as yet.Fix the problem. Thanks, Ron Daley, Sandy Shores Guesthose, Rhyl.

  8. I’m sure I speak for other disabled people when I say that there are not enough car parking spaces for us at the loacl Asda in Accrington. And then to cap it all if you are lucky enough to get one of these spaces there are not enough small trolleys to go around. I find it very hard to push the larger trolley and also to bend into the trolley to lift things out at the cashout. Ples, please try to rectify this predicament. I think more smaller trolleys would be better. If people want to do a big shop they will get a large trolley but most people I have seen use the smaller ones.

    Thankyou. Mrs Smith (Oswaldtwistle)

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