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Gluten-free food manufacturers

There are many people now making gluten-free foods - even the supermarkets are producing their own-brand gluten-free foods. There are many small suppliers, too, particularly of cakes. Many other products are naturally gluten-free, and some well-known brands indicate on their packaging whether something is gluten-free or not (three cheers for Heinz and Walkers!)

Here are some of our favourite suppliers here in the UK.

Arnott'sArnott's rice cookies are very popular

Available from healthfood shops and mail-order
Baker's Delight Very good - if sweet - bread and cakes with a proper texture

Available from various places, including prescription. Based at: Bakers Delight, PO Box 222, Hull, HU2 0YX, Tel: 0845 1200038.
BarkatIce-cream cones! And gluten-free "pot noodles", if that's what you fancy ... convenient for travelling

Available from supermarkets and mail-order
BercoeliInteresting cakes and biscuits

Available mail-order or call 01246 859455 or visit
BootsWheat, gluten and dairy free muffins, breads, pasta and other things

Available from Boots stores across the country
CauldronA range of vegetarian patés

Available from supermarkets and healthshops. Visit
Dietary SpecialsA range of frozen ready meals, sometimes available in supermarkets, and biscuits

Available from some supermarkets, or visit or call 07041 544044
DiscoveryGluten-free mexican food - check, though, because not all their range is gluten-free.

Available from supermarkets. Visit
Dove's FarmA range of flours, biscuits and Chocolate Stars - a breakfast cereal like Cocopops but without the malt

Available from supermarkets, healthfood shops. or call 01488 684880
DragonflyVegetarian bean burgers

Available from various places or visit
General DietaryGluten-free, wheat-free and milk-free breads & biscuits

They offer samples. Call 020 8336 2323
Glutafin One of the major suppliers, with very reliable white mix for baking, and an excellent white bread (Fresh Select)

Call their Careline on 01225 711801 or
Glutano Some very nice cheese biscuits/crackers, and good sweet biscuits. Try their Chocolate O's. Also pretzels, and gluten-free "kit-kats"!

Available mail-order, from supermarkets and healthfood shops. Visit
Heron Foods If you're yearning for a sweet treat - try Heron's cakes
Available mail-order or at Sainsbury's.
Juvela Another major prescribable supplier, with good flour mix. Their bread rolls are good, and many people like their pizza bases.

Visit call their Freephone number 0800 783 1992 or email them at Based at Juvela, 19 De Havilland Drive, Liverpool L24 8RN
Lifestyle Lifestyle produce many good things, inluding sausage rolls and cakes, pasties and crumpets.

Lifestyle Healthcare Limited, Centenary Business Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1DS or 01491 570 075 or
MoilasVery good frozen foods - pizzas, bread rolls and baguettes. Also muffins.

Available mail-order, but hoping to roll out their goods into supermarkets soon.
Mrs CrimblesGorgeous macaroons

Widely available in supermarkets and healthfood stores. Email
Nature's PathExcellent cereals, made without malt extract, to which some coeliacs are sensitive

Available from healthfood stores and some supermarkets
OrgranA range of wheat and gluten-free pasta, crispbreads, bread mixes etc

Widely available in supermarkets, healthfood shops. mail-order: 01455 556878, or try
Proceli Croissants!

These were available in Tescos, and may still be available in Asda. You could try but you will need to phone in an order
QuinovaUnique foodstuff made from quinoa grain - use as a meat substitute

Available mail-order or from healthfood shops. Email them at
Sainsbury'sSainsbury's have gluten-free chicken nuggets and fish fingers

Available in many towns across the country
Schar Schar produce a wide range of products. Try their savoiardi biscuits if you want to make a GF tiramisu or trifle

Available from various places - visit to find nearest stockists
TescoTesco have a Free From range, which includes baguettes and pitta breads, chicken nuggets and fish fingers. Many people also like their syrup pancakes and pikelets.

Available in many towns across the country
TrufreeWide range of biscuits, puddings and pasta, snack pots and crackers. Includes GF bourbons!

Available from supermarkets and healthfood stores.
WellfoodsExcellent flour, and very good (huge) chocolate muffins

mail-order - call 01226 381712 or visit their site at
Zedz Foodsgluten free, wheat free, dairy free cakes and muffins, pasties and burgers


Some of these companies are on the approved prescription list. Others can be bought from supermarkets or health food stores, or online, either direct from the manufacturer, or through an online supermarket such as