Gluten-free Prescriptions – UK

A good range of gluten-free foods are available on prescription in the UK – though not everything. You can get different kinds of gluten-free bread, gluten-free rolls, crackers or crispbread, a range of pasta, pizza bases, flour and some sweet biscuits. See the list of prescribable items below.

If you do not receive free prescriptions, then it is well worth going for a prescription season-ticket.

You shouldn’t have difficulty in getting the prescription goods that you want. There is a list of guidelines as to what is appropriate to prescribe for which group of the population.

Gluten-free foods – how much will I need?

The following advice on prescription quantities was published in “Crossed Grain”, the magazine for coeliacs published by Coeliac UK.

There are at present no rules as to the amount of GF food GPs can prescribe for their NHS patients with Coeliac Disease/Dermatitis Herpetiformis in UK.

Below are the monthly (repeat prescription) suggested amounts of GF foods
(from Crossed Grain magazine, based on Leicestershire Health Authority et al recommendations).

These quantities of GF foods are based on the calorie requirements of the different groups.

Approximate monthly requirements for:

Child up to two years:4 to 8 loaves of bread, 2 pkts biscuits/crackers, 1 pkt pizza bases, 500g pasta, 500g flour
3-5 year old child:8 to 16 loaves, 2 pkts biscuits/crackers, 1 pkt pizza bases, 500g pasta, 500g flour
6-10 year old child
or younger inactive female
or older active female
or older inactive male
each requires:
8 to 24 loaves, 2 pkts biscuits / crackers, 1 pkt pizza bases, 500g pasta, 500g flour
10-15 year old child
or younger active female
or younger inactive male
or older active male
each requires:
16 to 32 loaves, 3 pkts biscuits/crackers, 1 pkt pizza bases, 500g pasta, 500g flour
15-18 year olds:
(*younger active male)”
20 to 40* loaves, 3 pkts biscuits/crackers, 1 pkt pizza bases, 500g pasta, 500g flour

Crossed Grain is the magazine available to members from Coeliac UK

Gluten-free prescribable foods

Barkatbrown rice pizza crust
bread mix
brown rice bread
buckwheat pasta (penne, spirals)
digestive biscuits
flour mix
par-baked baguettes
par-baked country sliced loaf
par-baked rolls
par-baked white bread
par-baked white sliced bread
pasta (animal shapes, macaroni, spaghetti, spirals, tagliatelle)
round crackers
wheat-free multi grain bread
white rice bread
wholemeal sliced bread
white rice pizza crust
Bi-Aglutbread rolls
bread flour mix
plain flour
BiAlimentapasta: acini di pepe (pasta grains), formati misti (variety pack), penne, sagnette, spirali, tubetti
potato pasta gnocchi
potato pasta perle di gnocchi
Dietary Specialscracker bread

multigrain sliced loaf

pasta (fusilli, penne, spaghetti)

pizza bases

white bread mix

white cake mix
white mix
white multigrain sliced loaf

Ener-Gbrown rice bread
cookies (vanilla flavour)

dinner rolls
rice loaf
rice pasta (lasagne, macaroni, small shells, spaghetti, vermicelli)
Seattle brown loaf

tapioca bread
white long rolls

white rice bread
white round rolls
xanthan gum

Finaxcoarse flour mix
fibre bread mix
flour mix

Geniusbrown bread
white bread
sliced brown bread
sliced white bread
Glebe Farm Foodsbrown bread mix
white bread and pizza mix
Glutafin baguettes
digestive biscuits
high fibre crackers
mini crackers
pasta (lasagne, long-cut spaghetti, macaroni penne, shells, spirals, tagliatelle nests)

pizza base
savoury biscuits
savoury shorts
shortbread biscuit
sweet biscuits (without chocolate or sultanas)

tea biscuits

wheat-free fibre loaf (sliced)

wheat-free fibre mix
wheat-free fibre rolls
wheat-free white loaf (sliced)
wheat-free white mix
wheat-free white rolls
Select bread mix
Select cake mix
Select fibre bread mix
Select fibre loaf (sliced)

Select fibre mix
Select fibre rolls

Select fresh brown bread
Select fresh white bread
Select part-baked long white rolls
Select part-baked white rolls
Select pastry mix

Select seeded loaf
Select white loaf (sliced)
Select white mix
Select white rolls

Gratispasta (alphabets, macaroni, shells, short cut spaghetti, spirals)
Heron FoodsOrganic bread mix

Organic hi-fibre bread mix

Il Pane di Annapizza base mix
white bread mix
white cake mix
Innovative Solutionspure brown rice flour
pure potato flour

pure blended flour
pure xanthan gum
pure tapioca flour
pure teff brown flour
pure teff white flour
pure white rice flour

Juvelabread rolls
digestive biscuits
fibre bread rolls
fibre flakes

fibre loaf (sliced and unsliced)
fibre mix
fibre penne

fresh fibre rolls
fresh white rolls

fresh sliced fibre loaf
fresh sliced white loaf
harvest mix
loaf (sliced and unsliced)

part-baked bread rolls
part-baked fibre bread rolls
part-baked fibre loaf
part-baked loaf
pasta (fusilli, lasagne, macaroni, spaghetti)
pizza base
pure oats
savoury biscuits
sweet biscuits
tea biscuits

Lifestylebread rolls

brown bread
high fibre bread
high fibre bread rolls
white bread

circle bread rolls (part baked)
flat bread
sliced brown bread

sliced white bread
square dinner rolls (part baked)
tear drop flat breads
toasting bread buns
white baguette
white rolls

Mrs Crimblesbread mix
fresh bread
pastry mix
Nairnsoat porridge
Orgranbread mix
buckwheat spirals pasta
corn spirals pasta
pizza & pastry mix
rice spirals

rice and millet spirals
ris o’mais (rice and maize) lasagne, ris o’mais macaroni, ris o’mais spirals
self-raising flour

Pasticelyelbow pasta
part baked white baguettes
part baked white rustic rolls
rustic white bread sliced
sandwich white bread sliced

pizza base
white rolls

Procelibread buns
brown rice bread
part-baked baguettes
part-baked flat bread

part-baked long white rolls
part-baked white dinner rolls
part-baked white rolls (hotdog)
pasta (macaroni, puntini, short spaghetti, small macaroni, spirals
pizza bases
sandwich bread
sandwich rice bread
sliced white bread
white flour

white lunch rolls

Rizopiabrown rice pasta (fusilli, lasagne, penne, spaghetti)

Sunnyvalemixed grain sourdough bread
Tobiateff brown flour
teff white flour
Tritamylbrown bread mix
flour mix
white bread mix


bread rolls

high fibre bread
pasta (spaghetti, penne, fusili)

pizza base
sweet biscuits

Valpiformpetites baguettes
Warburtonsbrown bread
brown rolls< br />white bread
white rolls
Wellfoodsburger buns
flour alternative
pizza bases
sliced loaf

Gluten-free Wheat-free prescribable foods

If you are both gluten and wheat sensitive, then the following are suitable and available on prescription:

Ener-Gpizza bases
Seattle brown rolls (hamburgers)
brown rolls (hot dogs)

six flour loaf

bread mix
cake mix
fibre bread mix
pastry mix
Heron foodsorganic bread/cake mix

organic hi-fibre bread mix

This information is taken from the Prescription Pricing Authority’s site, and was issued: May 2012