It’s no good, I’m just going to have to comment on this: I refuse to tolerate food intolerances

I read this last night, and was so cross I had to turn my computer off. Don’t post angry, the advice is … well, I’m still angry.

Jay Rayner says (among other things):

I suspect the vast majority of coeliacs are actually attention-seeking frauds

Surely, writing this kind of article, designed to cause comment and controversy, and to raise one’s profile, is the same as the attention-seeking he accuses coeliacs of?

Does he think my 1-year-old was attention-seeking when she vomited at nearly every meal and suffered truly vile diarrhoea several times a day for months? When she refused to eat, because it just brought her pain? Or when she no longer had the energy to play?

Does he think that she was a fraud when I had to put her in the same size nappies as her 3 month old sister, because she’d lost so much weight? Or when her feet didn’t grow for months because of malnutrition?

Does he think the team of doctors who diagnosed her via a series of blood tests and a biopsy decided to confirm her in her fantasy world?

Does he think she should just be quiet, and get on and eat gluten, with all the predictable side-effects of intestinal damage, and with the concomitant risk of cancers, infertility, osteoporosis, tooth decay and all the other results of malnutrition?

He asks:

where were all the coeliacs when we were kids? Where were these battalions of people who couldn’t eat bread or pasta because it made their tummies hurt?

Jay, they died. Probably of what used to be called ‘a wasting disease’. I’ve seen my daughter wasting away, and its not nice. I hope that neither of your sons develop coeliac disease.

I think you owe my daughter an apology.