El Piano, in Grape Lane, York, is the first restaurant in the UK to go 100 per cent vegan and gluten-free. Don’t you think that’s amazing?

El Piano: gluten free and vegan

Eggs, dairy products, meat, wheat, rye, barley and oats are all now off the menu. The restaurant’s speciality is apparently Thai Thai, a spicy coconut cream with red pepper, baby potatoes, lime leaves, lemon grass and wild rice.

And El Piano is now getting ready to open a brand new sister restaurant in March, in Granada, Spain, which will also be 100 per cent vegan, gluten-free – and also nut-free.

How does falafel, hummus, onion bhaji, corn fritters, mexislaw, millet cous-cous and a gluten free ‘bread’ assortment sound? Perhaps followed by sticky toffee pudding or cheesecake?

Sounds great to me.

El Piano offer cookery classes, too, in York and in Spain. How about Cooking with Children, for adult/child pairs? Or Desserts for Restricted Diets? Both sound good, but perhaps Cooking with Children would be the one for us. We’ll have to be quick, though, because my coeliac daughter is already 12, and the children’s cookery classes only go up to age 12. I suppose she would count as able to cope with an adult cookery class in a few months …

If all that is sounding like good news, you can find El Piano at 15/17 Grape Lane, in York, and find more details and their current menu at their website.