Having spent two days getting from rural Cheshire to rural Norfolk via space, we found the most difficult part of the journey was finding the place where the Arts and Crafts my daughters were coming for would be happening. It was very well hidden, but well worth finding in the end. As previously discussed, these courses are run by ATE, and are excellent.

I’d spoken to the catering manager, and we arrived with gluten free bread, rolls, pasta, breakfast cereal and cake – and of course the CUK book of acceptable food. It turns out that the course director has a nephew with coeliac disease, so she understood the issues – very reassuring!

So thats it – no girls, and no contact until they are collected a week later.

Small son and I left to drive to London, where we spent a wonderful day doing small boy stuff, which on this occasion included visiting another aquarium, with more seahorses, wandering along the foreshore of the Thames (literally, down by the water’s edge), and cafe life (we visited five different cafes in a day – small son gets very hungry). As you’d expect, I cased every cafe for gluten free options, but son is free from any such restrictions, and had a great time.