People with coeliac disease have to be strong-willed and resolute every single day – at every single meal and every snack opportunity between. It isn’t easy to give up wheat, oats, barley and rye – even though there are other cereals – when wheat flour is seemingly all-pervasive in our culture.

It hardly seems necessary to make additional resolutions. However, it is that time of year, and so …

One gluten free resolution for this year is to bake more, rather than relying on buying gluten free biscuits and cakes. We’ll bake more bread, too, even though we can get gluten free bread for our daughter on prescription here in the UK. I shall know exactly what is in each biscuit and cake she eats, because they will have been hand-crafted. Love in every stir.

A resolution not immediately relevant to coeliac disease, but one equally dear to me, is to complete the replacement of all our lightbulbs in the house with energy efficient versions. I did start this last year – but, prompted by Seth Godin’s post on energy efficient lightbulbs, I resolve to continue to replace them. Including, and perhaps most importantly, the one under which I’m sitting now. After all, I spend most of every day sitting here with this lightbulb – it might as well be one I will still respect in the morning.