I was contacted recently by Ecklee, who supply a wide variety of foods from around the world. Ecklee means ‘My Food’ in Arabic, and they source food from around the world.

They wanted a link from this site to theirs; a request I get often, and one which isn’t always appropriate. However, in this case, I thought you’d be interested, particularly if you like the kind of foods that they can supply. They’ve been in business for 20 years, apparently, but are not at all oldfashioned in their marketing: they’re on Twitter. They stock a range of different types of item, including kitchen equipment and books – but primarily they stock food.

Commendably, the Ecklee site lets you search by region (if you know that what you want comes from Syria, say) or by a number of other criteria, notably ‘gluten free’. Yay! I do love it when a site tries to make things easy.

Like so many other sites, though, the list of items under ‘gluten free’ isn’t everything that they offer that is gluten free. For example, under this list is a range of gluten free Indian sauces, but I’m prepared to bet that there are other things that they offer that are gluten free, such as some of the herbs, spices, pickles, dried fruits, teas, coffee and more. Question for Ecklee: are the products such as the Dosai mix gluten free? And the stuffed vine leaves? I believe Ecklee could expand the list of gluten free products without having to stock any additional items.

I wish them good luck with their internet marketing campaign, because anyone who makes things easier for coeliacs is OK in my book!