I’ve received an alert from the Food Standards Agency: Asda have withdrawn their own brand extra special wiltshire style ham, because of undeclared wheat and gluten.


Asda Extra Special Wiltshire Style Ham 500g with a ‘use by’ of 7 September 2009 contains bread crumb. The product contains wheat that is not declared on the label and is a potential health risk for those allergic or intolerant to wheat or gluten.

The company has withdrawn the affected product and has contacted the relevant allergy support organisations, which will inform their at-risk members of the withdrawal. Notices are being displayed in all stores to alert consumers to the reasons for the withdrawal and the actions they can take if they have purchased the product.

If you’ve bought this product, then don’t eat it; take it back for a refund. You don’t need your receipt. If you need any further information please contact Asda Customer Relations on 0500 100 055