Although I’ve been feeling quite proud of myself for the enjoyment my children take in cooking, I was surprised to learn from a group of my friends last week that I’m falling behind on training the children for life – otherwise known as getting them to share the chores. I was astonished to learn that one 9 year old of my acquaintance does the ironing and another has been known to clean the toilets (!). I’ve obviously been slacking … or rather I haven’t, and I need to practise my delegation skills.

I discussed this with my children, and – predictably – the eldest girl wrote out a chart with chores assigned by individual, the middle one (a girl) pretended the conversation never happened and stuck her head in a book, and the youngest (a boy) declared he wasn’t prepared to do anything at all, ever. I think I’ve got some work to do to turn this around.

After this episode, I was pleased to come across Tracy at momsniche who has suggestions for what each age-group should be able to do to help around the house. I wish I’d seen this years ago!