I seem to have posted a lot of allergy alerts about gluten free oats recently, covering all the major supermarkets here in the UK. I suspect that the number of recent alerts is because they all source their free from oats from the same supplier.

And I’ve posted a fair few alerts over time…

But this is the first time I’ve ever received a personal recall letter.

Sainsbury’s wrote to me – as a free from customer, not as an allergy blogger – to let me know that there was a problem with the oats, and to tell me to take any of the affected products back to the supermarket.

Presumably, they’ve taken the trouble to search their Nectar database (yes, I have a card) to find purchasers of these products, and then sent out a letter (incurring further cost).

Yes, I’m impressed.

Good customer service, going the extra mile; and a really good use of the Nectar database. I knew there was a reason I was sharing all that information with big business!

Did you get a letter?