Here in Britain, we spend £180,000,000 per year on ‘free from’ foods – and experts expect this to double over the next five years. I’ll do the sums for you: £360,000,000 per year on ‘free from’ foods.

These aren’t just free from gluten, of course, but could include foods free from a range of different things, such as dairy, nuts and soya. And we are talking about specially prepared food, too – this doesn’t take into account naturally free from foods.

Suppose there are 60 million people living in the UK (there are actually over 60.5 million, but let’s keep the sums easy). That means that we are spending £3 per person per year on free from food at the moment. Or about $6 per head.

Doesn’t sound that much, put like that, especially if you know the price of free from foods. But it is in fact a huge market.

Suppose the figures were the same in America: $6 per head per year. Since there are about 303 million people in the US, that would be a market size of $1,818,000,000 per year. Set to double over the next five years.