Way back before Christmas, I bought a recipe download from Bia Nua. Bia Nua are based in Somerset, here in the UK, and seem to adhere to all the values you’d hope for from a small rural business as well has having the expertise needed to come up with good gluten free food. Brian Murphy is a food scientist who has worked for two European gluten-free food manufacturers, and has now developed his own range of gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free flours.

So, I decided to buy a recipe, and see how it went. There was a slight hiccup with the download, which they sorted out smoothly for me … and then I put the recipe to one side, meaning to have a go, and then tell you about it.

And then it was now. Late February! How did that happen?

Bia Nua Swiss RollEventually, I made this gluten free chocolate swiss roll, and was truly astonished. Look at it: it rolled! It unrolled so I could put the filling in! It didn’t crack or fall apart!

The texture is great, and the children loved it. We’ll definitely be making this again. This picture is not the perfect one from their site, but a picture of the one I made. Did I tell you it rolled? (I can’t get over that).

I cheated a bit. The recipe didn’t offer suggestions for fillings, and although I was going to make a chocolate butter icing to fill it with, we had no icing sugar, due to an earlier incident in which my son managed to tip my box of icing sugar out all over the floor. (I’m over that now, and we’re speaking again). So I opened a jar of Green and Black’s chocolate spread and used that instead, with just enough icing sugar left in the box to sprinkle over the top.

I’m not going to share the recipe, because that wouldn’t be fair to Bia Nua, but you could explore the Bia Nua site, and see if there are any recipes there that take your fancy.