Great article by Donnachadh McCarthy in today’s Independent about minimising your domestic waste … I agree with many of his suggestions, but sadly some of them aren’t going to be possible for some of us, as it is just too dangerous.

market1.jpgDonnachadh’s message is reduce, reuse and recycle, and we do try to do all these – composting, Freecycling etc. But one of his key suggestions we’re just not going to be able to follow, and that is to reduce packaging by buying food from a local co-operative.

He writes:

… the rest of my fresh food comes from Fareshares, a local food cooperative that has large bins of loose organic muesli, rice, cous-cous, dried fruit and nuts. You bring your own bags, and fill them up, thus eliminating loads of wrappers.

Green heaven – unless you also have to be gluten free. What stops the customer before you using the cous-cous scoop to get some raisins, thus contaminating the bag of raisins? What if a bag of normal flour splits on the shelf above the red lentils?

It is important that gluten free food remains free from contamination, from the production line to the shop shelf to the cupboard at home to the stomach.

Those of us who need to be gluten free will have to be brave about the extra packaging this entails … and get to work on all the other areas where we can cut down on the waste we produce.