I’ve been managing our daughter’s gluten free diet for years now, and have been reading around the subject intermittently all that time.

I have read over the years that a gluten free diet has been used to successfully treat psoriasis in some cases (not all), and I read just at the weekend that it has also helped some people (not all) with rosacea.

Given that I have had psoriasis for nearly 40 years now, and developed rosacea three or four years ago, I have decided it is time to try an experiment. I am going to try to follow a gluten free diet for one month. If possible, I shall also make it a dairy free diet.

I know that this isn’t quite the same commitment to be gluten free as those with coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis must make, as my psoriasis and rosacea are really quite minor, and if I lapse the effect will not be so damaging. Nor am I prepared to commit to a life-long restricted diet – except that I gave up meat over 25 years ago, and haven’t missed that. But it will be interesting to see if removing these extra items from my diet will help my skin at all.

As they say, watch this space (and I’ll be watching the mirror).