Just to keep the record straight: The Independent has issued a correction to its two earlier stories which claimed that spelt was gluten free. I suspect this was at the urging of the coeliac society (Coeliac UK) rather than as a result of my own!

I should have seen this a while ago – but it is a very small correction, as these things always are.

Possibly it came on a day when the delivery brought a different paper in error … earlier this week we were brought a copy of the Racing Post (dedicated to horse-racing) rather than the Independent (dedicated to reporting the major news stories of the day). Much of my life is spent online (and most of every day) but one of the small pleasures of life is reading the real-world daily newspaper with breakfast, and it quite puts me off my stride if the wrong paper is delivered. Especially if it is the Racing Post.

I can’t imagine reading my daily news online at breakfast. I’d get crumbs in the keyboard and sticky fingerprints on the screen …

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