Gavin Ayling posted an interesting point of view about prescription charging recently – a point I hadn’t even considered about the inequality of people living in Wales getting free prescriptions from 1 April.

… I don’t actually mind paying for a prescription — it’s something that I’ve always had to do. What I do object to is paying for a prescription while other people in the same country, paying the same taxes and earning the same money do not. Worse, these people are having their prescriptions paid for using my taxes.

I’m obviously not highly politicised – my first thought was simply ‘lucky them’. His argument is that an English Parliament (like the Scottish one) could act as an advocate on behalf of the English.

Well, yes – though there are lots of other issues around an English Parliament.

However, there are already coeliac interest groups working within the Parliament that we do have – perhaps the thing to do is to lobby them to consider this issue. And of at least equal concern is the fact that some PCTs are trying to cut down on prescribing gluten free products anyway – if this happens, then whether or not we have to pay for them becomes irrelevant.