Diagnosed as coeliac?

Don’t be tempted by people who suggest that ‘a little bit won’t hurt’, urge ‘just this once’, or say ‘go on – I won’t tell anybody’, while offering you a plate of gluten-full food.

Your health is worth more than the moments pleasure that a proper croissant might give. Yes it is! Even if you don’t suffer any symptoms in the next few days, you will have done yourself some internal damage, and it will take much longer for that damage to heal than it did for you to eat that tempting treat.

Not only that, but your self-esteem might drop too. Are you really the sort of person who can’t say no? And if you give in this time, you are setting yourself up to be tempted by these people again, as they won’t understand that gluten free is for life if you don’t explain it to them clearly enough.

So – health, self-esteem and an easier life? I’d say you were worth it!

Not yet diagnosed?

Perhaps you’ve not been diagnosed as coeliac, but do think that gluten is your problem. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed as having irritable bowel syndrome, but you’re not convinced that this is the right diagnosis, or perhaps your symptoms are continuing …

If you still have concerns about your health, go back to the doctor. Or ask for a second opinion. Even change your doctor. You are worth it.