I received an invitation to check out the new gluten free network at GlutenFreeNetwork.com, so I rushed over (well, turned up a bit late, actually, because of Easter and all) to check it out for you.

Looking good! Richard and Lindsey have developed a forum with a lot of different categories for discussion which you might be interested in: everything from recipes through restaurants, specialists, related problems and treatments, and even how to handle pregnancy if you’re gluten free. I really like the colours and images – and the name is a real find. I can’t believe that domain name was still available (duh! – another opportunity missed).

The forum is a bit light on discussion at the moment, but then it is BRAND NEW, so there’s lots of time for that to change. I know that people find this kind of resource invaluable, particularly in the early stages of diagnosis, so I wish this new forum well.

The difficult thing with a forum is always the getting-it-started part, so what they really need is for lots of you to go over and join in! I recognise two of the names on the Member list already – and I know you’ll know them too (if you don’t, check out my list of further reading on the right hand side, and see if you can find them) – so come on over and let’s talk gluten free …