Our favourite gluten free pasta

The best gluten free pasta we’ve come across is Ancient Harvest’s quinoa pasta, which you can buy in supermarkets in the US. Last time we went to the States we brought back 8 packets, but they’re long gone.

The message board had some discussion on this recently, and Peter discovered that the Gluten Free Mall will now ship to the UK. Sadly, the shipping is by UPS, which means that the minimum cost for shipping one packet of pasta is $85, or $143 for 10 packets. Plus, we’d have to pay the import duties as well.

This is too steep for this household, but I’m wondering what sort of demand there would be out there – if we could import a significant quantity, would people be interested in buying into the shipment? The main issue I can see is that there is quite a range of pasta available here on prescription, which, while not quite free, would be a lot cheaper …

Looks like we’ll have to go back to the States to bring back a suitcaseful again. At those shipping prices, it’s probably cheaper.

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Lucy is the mother of a coeliac, and has been managing a gluten free diet for her daughter for 20 years - though, to be fair, she does do most of it herself now...

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