… we apologise for the break in transmission. There has been a technical fault, and normal service will be resumed shortly.

Been a long time since I saw any such message on the television.

Apologies for missing a few days – I’ve been horrid poorly (not something I do very often) and am still feeling rather weak and convalescent, and this is Day Five (!) So a short post today:

Gluten free success

We went to Tesco earlier this week, to find that their normal cafe had been superceded by a Costa. My children can’t resist a cafe, so in we went. Pretty standard stuff – though the hot chocolate is apparently rather better than usual – but they did have a gluten free raspberry shortcake available. And this is really very nice. More like a bakewell tart than a shortcake I’d have thought, but very tasty indeed. No gluten free sandwiches available yet, though.

Gluten free failure

While I lay abed yesterday, No 1 Daughter decided to make a gluten free battenburg cake. (You know, the checkerboard sponge cake with marzipan between the squares and around the outside). Sadly, the entire vanilla portion of the cake was seriously burnt (I was muzzily wondering who was having toast), so she’s ended up with a chocolate sponge wrapped in marzipan.

Not a triumph, it has to be said, though she is enjoying eating the marzipan.

Gluten free link

You may have already seen this, but here is a story about a non-gluten-free writer trying to be gluten free for a day. As she says, her eyes are opened!